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Lean codes on ford windstar

Lean codes on ford windstar

As if this vehicle didn’t have enough air leaks in it, some technicians have reported finding yet another location for an air leak. If you’ve fixed the lower intake manifold and are still getting Lean codes on ford windstar, check the IMRC where it enters the intake manifold. Apparently the “O” ring that seals the actuator shaft can leak. To test it out, apply some white lithium grease around the seal. If the lean condition stops, you’ve found the leak source.

Technicians report that they have been able to replace the O ring without removing the manifold by fabricating a small tool to fit into the intake port and follow the IMRC shaft out of the manifold. They suggest using a piece of steel brake line as the tool. You will have to locate an O ring from your auto parts supplier since Ford does not sell it separately. You will have to remove the screws that hold the throttle plates in place. Use a drop of loctite when you reinstall them.


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