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Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra

How to fix Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra

Got Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra? The cause is usually a loss of fuel pressure in the fuel rail. The pressure drop is caused by a defective fuel pump suction tube.

To make sure that’s the cause, hook up a fuel pressure gauge and start the engine. Note the fuel pressure. Shut off the engine and watch the gauge. If the pressure drops more than 5-lbs, the suction tube is the problem. Replace it with these new part numbers:

Tacoma 77203-04060 for 2RZ-FE or 3RZ-FE engines
Or 77203-04070 for 5VZ-FE engine

Tundra 77203-0C050

Make sure you order a suction tube gasket at the same time, Part #77169-04010

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