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Mazda 3 no crank

No crank Mazda 3

Mazda has issued service bulletin #05-002/12 to address a Mazda 3 no crank issue in the vehicles listed below. The Mazda 3 no crank issue may be extended or intermittent and results in absolutely no starter engagement whatsoever. You turn the key to start and get no response. No starter click. No starter rotation. However, if you shift to neutral, the starter engages. Here’s what the bulletin recommends.

Affected vehicles:
2004-11 Mazda 3 with automatic transmission.

First check to see if the shift position lamp on the instrument cluster comes on when the shifter is in Park and you turn the key to start. If the light does not come on but the vehicle starts in the neutral position, this bulletin applies.

The cause is rust on the connecting point of the shift cable and lock cable lever. This rust causes the select lever not to move to the position where it can be recognized as the P range. The transmission IS actually in Park, but there’s no indication to the ECU and instrument cluster, thus preventing it from starting.

Inspect the shift cable and verify that rust appears on the connecting point of the shift cable (A) and the lock cable lever (B) right at the transmission near the transmission range selector.

mazda 3 no crankIf you find rust, replace the lock cable lever with a redesigned version. NOTE: You must hold the lock cable lever with an adjustable wrench before removing the lock nut. Failure to do so will result in damage to the transmission range selector (park/neutral switch). Apply rust penetrant like PB Blaster to the transmission range selector shaft and nut threads to break the rust. Then work the nut back and forth until it comes off. Tighten the new nut to 33.9 ft/lbs.

mazda 3 no crank

Hold the shaft with an adjustable wrench to avoid damaging transmission range selector

MAZDA parts
B2YE-46-310 Lock Cable Lever 1
9992-21-400 Nut 1
9997-11-400 Washer 1


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