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Mazda AC warm engine overheats

Why is my Mazda AC warm and engine is overheating

This post details a fix for Mazda AC warm conditions an engine temp gauge reads high or you have engine overheating. Mazda has issued a service bulletin 07-004/10 to address this issue.

Mazda has found the cause of AC blowing warm and engine overheating is due to a fan control module software problem.

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Mazda CA07-15-025B fan assembly

To verify the problem, start the engine and let it get up to operating temperature. Then conduct the key on engine running (KOER) self test described in the manual. If the fan turns on, the fan control module is not the problem. If the fan does not come on, disconnect the connector from the fan control module and reconnect it. If the fan then comes on or the fan comes on and runs continuously, replace the cooling fan assembly with part CA07-15-025B

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