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Mazda starter wiring diagram

Mazda starter wiring diagram

Here’s the Mazda starter wiring diagram

If the fuel pump doesn’t work in your Mazda 625, check out this starter  diagram. In it you’ll see that starter has TWO fuses; a main 100A fuse and a second 30A fuse to the starter.

How power flows to the Mazda starter

There are two circuits to the Mazda starter. The first circuit sends power to the pull-in and hold in coils on the starter motor. Once those coils are activated, the starter relay closes and provides full battery power to the starter motor.

Mazda starter diagram

Power flows through the two fuses to the IGN switch. From there, the power flows through either the starter interlock switch (MANUAL TRANSMISSION) or the Transaxle Range Switch (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION). If either of those switches are faulty, the starter will not energize (follow the starter wiring diagram shown below).

The starter interlock switch (MANUAL TRANSMISSION) is located on a bracket above the clutch pedal.

The Transaxle Range Switch (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION) is located on the right side of the transaxle.

Once power flows through these park/neutral switches, the power energizes the starter relay which provides power to the starter motor.

mazda starter wiring diagram

Mazda starter wiring diagram

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