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Multiple ABS Codes

Fix Multiple ABS Codes

If your ABS light is on and you have multiple ABS codes, read this article. Car makers should know better than to install an ABS module under the vehicle where road salt, water, and debris can attack it. But you guessed it, that’s where they are. In the case of a Ford Windstar (and other Ford vehicles), getting a whole mess of codes usually means that the connector to the module is corroded. Here’s an example of what you might find after a trouble code scan:

C1155-lf speed sensor circuit failure
C1145-rf speed sensor circuit failure
C1185-power relay output ckt failure
C1198-lf iso valve ckt failure
C1194-lf dump valve ckt failure
C1254-rr iso valve ckt failure
C1246-rr dump valve ckt failure
C1250-lr iso valve ckt failure
C1242-lr dump valve ckt failure
C1214-rf iso valve ckt failure
C1210-rf dump valve ckt failure

Before you even conduct any tests on wheel sensors or the Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU), locate the ABS module (under the battery tray), disconnect the harness and inspect it for corrosion. If you see any water or green corrosion, clean both the connector harness and the pins with electrical contact cleaner (battery disconnected) and wipe a light coat of dielectric grease around the connector and the silicone gasket. Then clear the codes and see if the problems re-appear. If they do, then you can start conducting pin-point tests.


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