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My alternator won’t charge

Alternator won’t charge after PCM replacement

If you’ve replaced the PCM on your Chrysler vehicle(Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Ram Van, Wrangler, Durango) and now face an alternator won’t charge condition, read this post.

The PCM provides the field current for alternators in Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Ram Van, Wrangler, Durango. If you’ve tried testing PCM connections by disconnecting the connectors while the key was ON or right after you turned the key to OFF and now the alternator won’t charge, you may have damaged the PCM yourself. T

Cardone, a major PCM rebuilder has issued a service bulletin warning shops not to disconnect any electrical connectors to the PCM while the key is in the ON position. Plus, you must wait a minimum of 5 seconds after turning the key to off before removing any connector. If you don’t and run into an alternator won’t charge condition,  you’ll have to buy a new PCM.

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