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My coolant light is on but not low on coolant

Fix problem with low coolant light on but not low on coolant – Ford Escape

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 03-25-2 to address the problem of low coolant light on but not low on coolant. Coolant is at proper level in reservoir. The TSB applies to all 2001-03 Ford Escapes. Ford advises that there are 4 different cells in the reservoir (Ford calls it a degas bottle because it’s also used to bleed air out of the engine). The front cells of the bottle should NOT be used to judge coolant level because they might always appear to show FULL. The larger cell is actually the one to view. It has COLD FILL RANGE printed on it. When hot the coolant level should be at the bottle seam or above the seam by ½-in. If the coolant is not at least to the top of the COLD FILL RANGE, the low coolant light may illuminate.

Ford also advises that the system requires at least 25 seconds for the low coolant light to turn off after adding coolant.

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