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New Car Wax Lasts for 3 years

New Car Wax Lasts for 3 years from Rust-Oleum

How would you like to wax your car just once every three years? Well, you can with a revolutionary new car wax from Rust-Oleum. Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit ($22) comes with a special car wash solution that not only cleans your car’s finish, but also giving the finish a positive charge that will attract and hold the wax.

Wash your car using Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit Soap

Use the special soap in the kit to wash your car. Leave the soap on your RustOleum Factor 4 Synthetic Waxvehicle for 15-mins before rinsing. Rinse with clear water and then dry with the included microfiber towel.

Apply the new Factor 4 Synthetic Wax

Apply a small dollop of the Factor 4 Synthetic Wax to the included foam applicator. Apply to vehicle in circular overlapping rows. Then buff to a shine after the wax turns to a haze. The wax has a negative charge that bonds to the positively charged painted surface using electrofusion technology.

Rust-Oleum states that the wax lasts for three years and provides a high gloss finish that protects your vehicle from UV rays, chemicals, road salt, dirt and pollution.

How Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Works

The special car wash deposits positive ions on your car’s finish. The Factor 4 Synthetic Wax has negative ions that are naturally attracted to the positive ions, resulting in an electrofusion bond that forms a protective layer.

What’s in the Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit?

The kit includes enough product to wash and wax a typical mid-sized sedan. If you’re working on a larger vehicle, you may need to purchase two kits. Each kit includes the special car wash, microfiber drying towel, wax application and Factor 4 Synthetic wax.

Where to buy Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit?

The Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit is a new product and should be available soon on Amazon and at WalMart. Find it at other auto parts sellers later this year.

Rust-Oleum Guarantee

Rust-Oleum guarantees that the Factor 4 Synthetic Wax Kit will last for up to three years when properly applied according the directions included in the kit. If you are dissatisfied, contact Rust-Oleum for a refund.

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