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Nissan air conditioning isn’t cold

Nissan air conditioning not cold

If you own a 2007-12 Altima or 2009-12 Maxima and the problem is Nissan air conditioning not cold, this may be your fix. Nissan has issued a service bulletin to correct the Nissan air conditioning not cold problem.

The AC system may blow warm air or not sufficiently cool the vehicle even with a full charge and properly operating compressor. Nissan has discovered that a clog in the receiver dryer or condenser could be causing the problem.

receiver drier, warm air conditioning

Receiver drier

Connect a gauge manifold to the low-side and high-side service ports. Then run the engine, activate the a/c system and look at the system pressures. If the low-side and high-side pressures are normal or slightly higher than normal, this info doesn’t apply; continue troubleshooting until the problem is found.

However, if both the low-side and high-side pressures are lower than normal, grab the receiver dryer outlet tube with your hand (you’ll find the tube near the radiator cap). Under normal circumstances, the tube should be warm or hot to the touch. If it is, once again, this information doesn’t apply, and you should keep searching for the cause of the cooling complaint.

If the outlet tube is cool or cold to the touch, that confirms that debris is clogging the receiver dryer or condenser. Replace the condenser/receiver dryer assembly with the latest part from Nissan. That’s the only fix for the problem. Do NOT try to fix the problem by flushing the system.

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