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Nissan Altima No Start

Nissan Altima no start

If you have a Nissan Altima No Start, or a Nissan Altima Cranks But No Start issue and your vehicle is listed in the covered vehicles below, this service bulletin may apply to you. Nissan has issued a technical service bulletin # EL10-030 Reference NTB10-139 to address a Nissan Altima No Start, or a Nissan Altima Cranks in these vehicles:

2007 – 2010 Altima Sedan (L32) with CVT only
2008 – 2010 Altima Coupe (CL32) with CVT only
2007 – 2010 Altima Hybrid (L32HV)

Nissan describes the issues as a Nissan Altima No Start, or a Nissan Altima Cranks with these conditions:

The engine will not crank (or go to READY MODE – Hybrid) when pressing the push-button ignition switch and applying the brake pedal. Further, Nissan adds that the accessory and IGN on modes can be turned on and off during this condition.

The problem is the brake pedal switch. Since the brake pedal must be depressed before the engine can start, a worn or defective brake pedal switch will prevent starting. To confirm the brake pedal switch is at fault, simply apply the brakes and have a friend look at the brake lights. If they fail to light, the switch is bad.

Fix for Nissan Altima no start

You have two options to fix the problem. The first is to replace the brake pedal switch with the same type of switch. This is the cheapest option but it’s also the option that will fail again in the future. The other option is to repair the problem with an updated switch and relay.

The problem is due to the design. Nissan runs battery voltage to the brake pedal switch at all times and when you depress the brake pedal, it see that operation as the signal to disengage the shift interlock feature. It’s the battery voltage on the brake pedal contacts that causes the problem because it causes arcing and pitting which wears out the switch. The updated part includes a relay and reduced power to eliminate wear on the switch.

The new wiring harness can be purchased at any Nissan dealer or on the internet. Genuine Nissan OEM 24167-ZX00J HARNESS-SUB on Amazon is around $245. You’ll also need an updated brake pedal switch. Locate the wiring harness relay under the console and route the connector to the new switch. Install the new switch and adjust so it only turn on the brake lights when you depress the pedal.

NOTE: The faulty and redesigned stop lamp switches are not interchangeable. The stop lamp switch listed above must be used with the new wiring harness.



Nissan altima no start

New wiring harness


brake light switch for nissan altima

Updated Brake Switch













1) Disconnect the negative battery cable (12v auxiliary battery – Hybrid).

2) Remove the driver side instrument dash end panel

3) Remove the fuse block cover.

4) Remove the screw behind the fuse block cover

5) Detach the driver side instrument lower cover and lower the cover

6) Disconnect the in-vehicle sensor tube and connector (if so equipped)

7) Position the instrument lower cover outside the door opening

8) Remove the driver side console trim panel

9) Remove the connector duct

10) Position the new wiring harness relay pack under the heater and cooling assembly

11) Route the wiring harness over the top of the steering member stay

12) Disconnect the stop lamp switch connector, and then replace the stop lamp switch with the redesigned part

13) Connect the wiring harness to the new switch

14) Secure the wiring harness with zip ties, while making sure it does not come in contact with the steering column lower shaft.

15) Remove the nut, install the ground eye loop on the stud, and then reinstall the nut

16) Reconnect the negative battery cable.

17) Verify the engine starts normally.

18) Reinstall removed parts.

NOTE: For Hybrid vehicles only: The VDC light will be ON after the 12v auxiliary battery is disconnected. To turn off the light, drive the vehicle straight for five (5) seconds at or above 22 MPH.

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