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Nissan coolant leak Frontier Xterra

Fix Nissan coolant leak Frontier Xterra

If you own a 2000-02 Nissan Frontier or Xterra with the VG33E engine and you have a Nissan coolant leak Frontier Xterra coolant leak or smell coolant, here’s the fix for you. The coolant leak is located between the water outlet (gooseneck) and the intake manifold. Nissan has developed a new style fiber gasket between the outlet and the manifold.
To install it, first drain the radiator so the level is below the outlet housing. Then remove the outlet and clean both surfaces (especially any sealer). Then install the new gasket (no sealant) and tighten the bolts to 12-15 INCH/lbs. Refill and burp the air out.

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