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Nissan key fob doesn’t work

Nissan key fob issues

Nissan has issued a service bulletin NTB16-028b to address a Nissan key fob doesn’t work issue on the vehicles listed below.

In an incredibly stupid engineering feat, Nissan key fobs may lose their synchronization with the vehicle if the vehicle is left unused for long periods or the key fob battery runs low. I know, stupid, right?

Vehicles affected by Nissan service bulletin NTB16-028b

2015-18 Altima
2019 Altima
2018-19 Kicks
2016-16 Maxima
2015-19 Murano
2016 Murano Hybrid
2015-19 Pathfinder
2016-19 Rogue
2017-19 rogue Hybrid
2017-19 Rogue Sport

How to tell if your Nissan key fob has de-synchronized

If the lock/unlock, panic, and trunk release buttons do not work and either door lock/unlock switch then works when it’s brought in closer range, AND the battery is new or known to have a full charge, AND the vehicle won’t start the intelligent key fob has probably become de-synchronized from the vehicle.

How to re-synchronize the Nissan intelligent key fob

1)      Push the IGN button to ON. If does not start, press to OFF

2)      Open the driver’s window and exit the vehicle

3)      Place the Nissan intelligent key fob at least 10’ away from the vehicle

4)      Re-enter the vehicle WITHOUT the key fob. Do NOT open any doors from this point on until the re-synchronization procedure is complete

5)      Press the IGN button and IMMEDIATELY and WITHIN 30-seconds, have a helper hand the Nissan intelligent key fob to you through the open window.

6)      WITHOUT pressing the IGN button, hold the nissan key fob resynchronizationNissan key fob directly in front of the IGN switch as shown and listen for two short tones. If you hear two short tones, the key is now re-synchronized and you can apply the brake pedal and press the start button to start the engine

7)      If you do NOT hear two beeps, repeat the procedure making sure you move the fob a minimum of 10’ away from the vehicle and perform all the steps in rapid succession and within the allotted time.

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