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Nissan oil leak

Fix Nissan oil leak

A Nissan oil leak may occur on 2007-12 Altima and Sentra sedans, as well as 2008-13 Altima coupes and Rogue SUVs—all with the QR25DE inline 4-cyl engine.

If the Nissan oil leak appears to come from the oil cooler, the cause is most a likely a blown O-ring in the upper half of the cooler. Nissan has released a more durable O-ring (Part No. 21304-JA05A).

1)     Disconnect the lines and remove the oil cooler from the engine.

2)     Remove the four retaining bolts and separate the upper half of the oil cooler from the lower half. Turn the upper half over, remove the damaged O-ring and clean the O-ring grooves in the cooler with a suitable solvent.

3)     Place the new O-ring in the grooves of the cooler and assemble the upper and lower halves of the cooler and install the four retaining bolts.

4)     Tighten the bolts diagonally in two steps—first to 18 in.-lbs., then to 36 in.-lbs. To complete the fix, reinstall the oil cooler to the engine using a new gasket (Part No. 21304-JA00A).

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