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Nissan Pathfinder stalls at idle after braking

Why does my Nissan Pathfinder stall at idle after braking

Shops are reporting cases where a Nissan Pathfinder stalls at idle after braking. The engine quits but will restart again and run fine until the next hard braking episode. Then the Pathfinder stalls at idle again. There are usually no trouble codes to work with and fuel pressure usually checks out fine. But if you check the transmission fluid level, you may find it several quarts low. The Pathfinder stalls at idle occurs because the low transmission fluid level causes the pump to suck air on hard stops. The air causes the transmission to apply the torque converter clutch (TCC overdrive). That’s a direct engine coupling, so when you’re stopped, it’s going to kill the engine. Once you come to a stop, the fluid level rises again and the TCC disengages, allowing you to restart the engine.

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