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Nissan Versa Hesitation, P0705

Diagnose and fix Nisan Versa Hesitation, P0705

Nissan has issued a service bulletin NTB15-082 to address a Nisan Versa Hesitation, P0705 trouble code on the vehicles listed below. The NTB15-082 describes a situation where the driver feels hesitation during acceleration. When scanned, the computer reveals a P0705 Transmission Range Sensor A Circuit (PRNDL) code stored.

Most likely cause of Nissan Versa hesitation during acceleration and P0705 trouble code

The NTB15-082 advises NOT to automatically replace the transmission range selector as your first choice. Instead, Nissan has identified a corroded circuit board in the rear tail lamp assembly as the most likely cause of the hesitation during acceleration and the P0705 trouble code.

Nissan recommends checking for water intrusion into either or both of the rear tail lamp assemblies. If you see any signs of water or moisture, check the circuit boards and light bulb sockets for corrosion. If you find corrosion, replace the tail lamp assemblies, clear the trouble code and see if the hesitation goes away

Nissan Versa Vehicles Affected

2012-14 Nissan Versa Sedan

Why it’s probably not the transmission range switch

See the transmission range switch wiring diagram to the right. Power flows to the nissan versa hesitation, P0705 Transmission range switch (TRS) from Fuse 49 and a connection at the transmission control module (TCM). As you switch between gears the +12v battery power flows back to the TCM to tell it which gear you’ve chosen. However, since the TRS also supplies power to the backup lamp circuit, the TCM is expecting to see a large voltage drop on the Reverse signal control wire, i.e. a reading slightly above 0 volts. All other lights are controlled by the body control module (BCM), but the backup lights are powered directly from the TRS. If there’s corrosion in the tail light assemblies, the TCM will see higher voltage on the reverse signal line and set a P0705 trouble code.

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