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Nissan Versa transmission problems

Nissan Versa transmission or cruise control problems


If you have Nissan Versa transmission problems and are scared you’re looking at a major transmission rebuild, or you’ve got Nissan Versa cruise control problems, read this post.


In diagnosing the problem a shop normally finds trouble codes for speed sensors, sensors, gearshift position, transmission control module (TCM) communication, shift solenoids, or gear slippage. Many of these trouble codes and cause the ECM to place the system in reduced power mode to the point where the car can hardly move. The shop usually suspects a transmission problem, especially since these transmissions are prone to failures. But the cause may actually be an electrical issue.


Nissan located many electrical connectors directly under the lead acid battery. If the battery is leaking, the acid falls onto the connectors and corrodes them, causing all kinds of strange electrical shorts and intermittent problems that cause trouble codes to set.


Before you take your vehicle into the shop, remove the battery and check the battery tray for signs of leakage. Then remove the tray and examine all the connectors. If you find corrosion, neutralize the acid with baking soda or aerosol battery terminal cleaner. Rinse off the cleaner, scrub away the corrosion, and treat all the connectors with Stabilant 22. If the connectors are deteriorated to the point where the metal is gone, you’ll have to splice in new pigtails.


Next, check the condition of the air filter. A clogged air filter can reduce high end performance and mimic a bad transmission. Makes it feel like the CVT transmission is slipping.

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