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Nissan won’t start

Fix Nissan won’t start or unlock condition

Nissan has issued a service bulletin NTB16-028b to address a situation where a Nissan won’t start or unlock the doors due to a key fob that has de-synchronized from the vehicles listed below. An intelligent can de-synchronize if it’s not used for an extended period of time or if the Intelligent Key was not operating due to low battery condition and the battery has been replaced. Here’s how to diagnose and fix the problem.

De-synchronized symptoms

All buttons (lock / unlock / panic / trunk) may or may not work when the Intelligent Key is in range or the doors will lock and unlock when pressing either front door request switch. But the vehicle won’t start when you press the START button.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin NTB16-028b

2015-2018 Altima
2019 Altima
2018-2019 Kicks
2016-2019 Maxima
2015-2019 Murano
2016 Murano Hybrid
2015-2019 Pathfinder
2016-2019 Rogue
2017-2019 Rogue Hybrid
2017-2019 Rogue Sport

Does the service bulletin NTB16-028b Nissan won’t start condition apply to you?

1)      With the intelligent key INSIDE the vehicle, try to start the engine. If the engine starts, turn the engine off and leave the vehicle.

2)      Press any button on the intelligent key. If the engine started in Step 1 and the buttons work, this bulletin does not apply.

3)      If the buttons don’t work, follow the re-synchronization steps below

Re-synchronize Nissan Intelligent key to vehicle

Do NOT replace the body control module to fix a de-synchronization issue!

1)      Re-enter the vehicle with the intelligent key and push the IGN button to ON (engine off).

2)      Open the drivers window.

3)      Turn the IGN to OFF. Then exit the vehicle

4)      Take the intelligent key with you and walk at least 10-ft away from the vehicle. Hand the key to a friend or family member while you’re outside the 10-ft. detection area.

5)      Walk back without the key, re-enter the vehicle and close the door.

6)      From this point on, DO NOT OPEN ANY DOOR until the re-synchronization steps are completed.

NOTE: Complete the following step quickly and in sequence or the re-synchronization will FAIL and you’ll have to start from step 1 again.

7)      Press the IGN button and, within 30 seconds, have your friend walk to the vehicle and hand you the Intelligent key through the open window.

8)      IMMEDIATELY place the back side of the intelligent key How to resynchronize nissan intelligent key to cardirectly in front of the IGN button as shown here. Listen for two short tones.

9)      If you hear the two short tones, the intelligent key is now re-synchronized and you should see the PUSH BRAKE AND START BUTTON TO DRIVE appear on the instrument cluster display. Test all the buttons. If everything works, you are done.

If the Intelligent key will not re-synchronize and you’ve followed the steps to the letter and paid attention to the timing requirements, something else is wrong and you must refer to the shop manual




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