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No ac in car – Nissan

No ac in car – Nissan

If your Nissan minivan or SUV has no AC, you may be interested in this service bulletin (NTB09-028a). Nissan has issued this service bulletin to address a problem of low airflow on the following vehicles.

2004-08 Quest

2004-08 Titan

2005-11 Xterra

2005-11 Pathfinder

2005-11 Frontier

2004-08 Armada

The problem occurs after driving for a long period with the AC on and blowing cold and the outside air is hot and humid. After a while you start to notice a drop in airflow. The drop in airflow continues until you have almost no air coming from the vents. This is a sign of evaporator freeze up caused by the evaporator temperature dropping to 32. At this point moisture in the air freezes on the evaporator coil.

In many cases, evaporator freeze-up can be a sign of low refrigerant charge. However, if the refrigerant charge in your vehicle is up to par, the problem may be a faulty intake air sensor. The bulletin recommends sensor replacement as the fix.

Check with your Nissan dealer for the replacement part

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