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No crank no start – Chrysler vehicles

My Chrysler won’t start No crank no start

Chrysler has issued a TSB #08-007-08 to address problems with No crank no start – Chrysler vehicles on 2006-08 Dodge 1500-5500 series Ram trucks and 2007-08 Jeep Wrangle, Compass, and Patriot, 2008 Jeep Liberty and Cherokee, 2007-08 Avenger / Sebring, 2007-08 Caliber, and 2006-08 Chrysler PT Cruiser vehicles. The problem occurs most often in dry or cold conditions and is caused by static electricity latching up the keyless entry module. You can “reboot” the module by either disconnecting the negative battery cable or removing the IOD fuse for 30 seconds and then re-installing. But that’s a temporary solution.

The permanent fix is to replace the Wireless Control Module (WCM) with a new style that’s better insulated against static electricity. You can replace the module yourself, but you then will have to reprogram the ignition keys to the new module.

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