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No crank no start Ford Escape

Ford Escape won’t start, electrical accessories don’t work

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 06-9-3 to cover problems with intermittent power windows, door locks, keyless entry, lighting, speed control, radio, instrument cluster warning lamps. The problem affects 2001-04 Ford Escape vehicles and occurs more in cold weather. Ford directs you to examine connectors C134 and C263 for signs of corrosion. A water leak in the left pillar may be the original cause of the problem.

Remove the driver’s side kick panel to access the connector C263. It’s the one closest to the driver’s door. Disengage the connector and then remove the inner plastic terminal retainer. Ford advises that you will not be able to see the corrosion unless you remove that retainer. Clean any corrosion with electrical contact cleaner. Click here to find products to fix electrical corrosion problems. Then dry with compressed air and treat with dielectric grease.

Next examine the two central junction boxes in the same area for corrosion. Check the vertical seam in the pillar, along with body plugs and electrical grommets for water points of entry and reseal them.

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