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No crank no start Taurus

No crank no start Taurus

If run into a situation where you turn the key and the starter doesn’t crank the engine, get out your test light and start checking for voltage at these locations. Click on the jpg to download the wiring diagram of the starter circuit.taurus wiring diagram, start wiring diagram, won't start

Here’s the power flow

From Battery + to #107 40A fuse in the battery junction box. Power flows through fuse #107 to ignition switch and terminal 87 in the starter relay socket.

When IGN switch is turned to START, power flows to fuse #237 in the central junction box under left side of dash. From the fuse, power flows to terminal 85 (control coil) in the starter relay socket. The PCM provides ground to the control coil if the PATS system is in start mode. The relay moves contacts to provide power to the solenoid relay which closes the large contact in the starter and engages the starter motor.


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