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No reverse lights dodge caravan

Fix no reverse lights dodge caravan

2001-07 Dodge Grand Caravans use the Body Control Module (BCM) to turn on the back-up lights. If you have a situation with No reverse lights dodge caravan, read this post. The BCM also controls the power door locks, automatic door locks, door lock inhibit (child locks), chime driver, compass, trip computer, interior lighting, power liftgate, exterior lighting headlight time delay, automatic headlights, illuminated entry, interior light fade to off feature, and instrument panel lighting.
The BCM looks for signal from the gear shift. If you move the shifter through all the positions and the correct gear position lights up on the instrument cluster, move on to the next step. Disconnect the BCM C2 connector. The BCM is located behind the driver’s side of the dash. Connect a fused wire from a 12v power source and apply the 12-volts to the white/light green wire on the connector. If the backup lights work, the BCM is faulty and must be replaced with a new and dealer-programmed unit.

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