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No Start Cold – Chrysler Vehicles

My Chrysler won’t start when it’s cold

Early vintage Chrysler vehicles experienced a problem with No Start Cold. If you add fuel, the engine will start, then stall. If you keep adding fuel, eventually the engine will continue to run.

You should start your diagnostics by checking out all the usual suspects, spark, fuel pressure, etc. But if you’ve exhausted all those possibilities, try this. Get out a hair dryer and gently warm the powertrain control module (PCM) located under the hood near the fender. Exact location depends on vehicle. Warm the front and back side of the PCM. Then try starting the vehicle. If it starts, you’ll need to replace the PCM. Don’t freak out, they are available from rebuilders for a reasonable price. You will need to provide the VIN number to get the corrrect PCM and return the old unit to get core credit.


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