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No start no crank GM vehicles

No start no crank GM vehicles

GM vehicles from the mid ’90’s to the present are known for faulty ignition switches. The problems are almost always intermittent. They can cause a no start condition. In addition to no start, they can also result in Intermittent starting, dying while driving, A/C to start blowing warm air or for the blower fan to stop (depending on which GM model we’re talking about), along with an ABS light. ignition switch, A/C doesn't work, ABS light on In fact, any time you see erratic or intermittent problems that could be electrical in nature on a GM vehicle, you should immediately suspect the ignition switch. Always test the igntion switch during an intermittent problem to see if the switch is providing power (use a meter).Or, wiggle the wires going to the switch. GM techs replace so many of these that it’s almost automatic for them to head there first

In the case of the A/C the problem is usually the ignition switch heating up and not providing power to the A/C clutch and the ABS computer. If you want to diagnose the problem, buy a wiring diagram for your vehicle form eautorepair.net (there are way to many GM models to list their wiring diagrams here) and test for power at the switched terminals when the problem happens. Or, just replace the ignition switch.


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