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OBDII abbreviations acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms for OBDII vehicles

ABS: anti lock brake system

A/C: air conditioning

AC: air cleaner

AIR: secondary air injection

A/T: automatic transmission or transaxle

AP: accelerator pedal

APP: accelerator pedal position sensor

B+: battery positive voltage

BARO: barometric pressure

CAC: charge air cooler

CFI: continuous fuel injection

CL: closed loop

CKP: crankshaft position sensor

CKP REF: crankshaft reference voltage

CMP: camshaft position sensor

CMP REF: camshaft reference voltage

CO: carbon monoxide

CO2: carbon dioxide

CPP: clutch pedal position sensor

CTOX: continuous trap oxidizer

CTP: closed throttle position

DEPS: digital engine position sensor

DFCO: deceleration fuel cut-off mode

DFI: direct fuel injection

DLC: data link connector

DTC: diagnostic trouble code

DTM: diagnostic test mode

EBCM: electronic brake control module

EBTCM: electronic brake traction control module

EC: engine control

ECL: engine coolant level

ECM: engine control module

ECT: engine coolant temperature

EEPROM: electrically erasable programmable read only memory

EFE: early fuel evaporation

EGR: exhaust gas recirculation

EGRT: EGR temperature

EI: electronic ignition

EM: engine modification

EPROM: erasable programmable read only memory

EVAP: evaporative emission system

FC: fan control

FEEPROM: flash electrically erasable programmable read only memory

FF: flexible fuel

FP: fuel pump

FPROM: flash erasable programmable read only memory

FT: fuel trim

FTP: federal test procedure

GCM: governor control module

GEN: generator

GND: ground

H2O: water

HC: hydrocarbon

HO2B1S1: upstream heated oxygen sensor bank 1

HO2B2S1: upstream heated oxygen sensor bank 2

HO2B1S2: downstream heated oxygen sensor bank 1

HO2B2S2: downstream heated oxygen sensor bank 2

HO2S: heated oxygen sensor

HO2S1: upstream heated oxygen sensor

HO2S2: downstream heated oxygen sensor

HO2S3: downstream heated oxygen sensor

HVS: high voltage switch

HVAC: heating ventilation and air conditioning system

IA: intake air

IAC: idle air control

IAT: intake air temperature

IC: ignition control circuit

ICM: ignition control module

IFI: indirect fuel injection

IFS: inertia fuel shutoff

I/M: inspection/maintenance

IPC: instrument panel cluster

ISC: idle speed control

KOEC: key on, engine cranking

KOEO: key on, engine off

KOER: key on, engine running

KS: knock sensor

KSM: knock sensor module

LT: long term fuel trim

MAF: mass airflow sensor

MAP: manifold absolute pressure sensor

MC: mixture control

MDP: manifold differential pressure

MFI: multi-port fuel injection

MIL: malfunction indicator lamp

MPH: miles per hour

MST: manifold surface temperature

MVZ: manifold vacuum zone

NOX: oxides of nitrogen

NVRAM: non-volatile random access memory

O2S: oxygen sensor

OBD: on-board diagnostics

OBD I: on-board diagnostics generation one

OBD II: on-board diagnostics, second generation

OC: oxidation catalyst

ODM: output device monitor

OL: open loop

OSC: oxygen sensor storage

PAIR: pulsed secondary air injection

PCM: powertrain control module

PCV: positive crankcase ventilation

PNP: park/neutral switch

PROM: program read only memory

PSA: pressure switch assembly

PSP: power steering pressure

PTOX: periodic trap oxidizer

RAM: random access memory

RM: relay module

ROM: read only memory

RPM: revolutions per minute

SC: supercharger

SCB: supercharger bypass

SDM: sensing diagnostic mode

SFI: sequential fuel injection

SRI: service reminder indicator

SRT: system readiness test

ST: short term fuel trim

TB: throttle body

TBI: throttle body injection

TC: turbocharger

TCC: torque converter clutch

TCM: transmission or transaxle control module

TFP: throttle fluid pressure

TP: throttle position

TPS: throttle position sensor

TVV: thermal vacuum valve

TWC: three way catalyst

TWC _ OC: three way _ oxidation catalytic converter

VAF: volume airflow

VCM: vehicle control module

VR: voltage regulator

VS: vehicle sensor

VSS: vehicle speed sensor

WOT: wide open throttle

WU-TWC: warm up three way catalytic converter

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