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Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit

Fix Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit

GM has issued an Oil leak Saturn Ion Vue Cobalt Pursuit TSB (TSB 06-06-01-013). Customers are reporting an oil leak coming from the rear of the engine on 2006 Saturn ION and VUE, Chevrolet Cobalt, Pontiac Pursuit models with the 2.2-liter Ecotec Four engine. The leak looks like it’s coming from the rear main seal, but it’s usually not. Instead, look at the oil galley plugs just above the rear main seal. The plugs may have been damaged or improperly torqued during engine assembly.
To confirm the leak, you’ll have to remove the transmission and flywheel. If the oil is coming from the plugs, remove them and check the threads. If they look ok, apply sealant (#12346004) and re-install them to 44-ft-lbs. However, if the threads are stripped, replace them with new plugs, apply sealant and re-torque.

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