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P0011 Subaru

Fix a P0011 code on a Subaru

P0011 Subaru Camshaft position timing advanced or system performance Bank1

A P0011 Subaru trouble code refers to the oil flow control valve

oil control valve, cam phaser

Oil control valve/cam phaser/variable valve timing solenoid

which every other car makers calls a variable timing solenoid. In the case of the P0011 Subaru code, the full definition is P0011 Camshaft position timing advanced or system performance Bank1.

In a vehicle with variable valve timing, the PCM commands a pulsed signal to a solenoid which in turn pulses oil pressure to an actuator mechanism to advance or retard the camshaft and alter timing. The entire system depends on YOU changing your oil on time, because if the oil gets dirty or develops sludge, that sludge will clog the screens in the variable timing solenoids and prevent them from regulating oil pressure to the actuators.

The PCM commands a pulsing “duty cycle” to each one of the solenoid and then it monitors how much or advance occurs in the camshaft, either with sensors or by monitoring exhaust oxygen. In the case of this Subaru, it uses camshaft sensors. Since the P0011 Subaru code refers to BANK 1, that’s the bank with #1 cylinder. So what’s happening here is that the computer is sending the same advance or retard command to the solenoids on both banks, but BANK 1 is not responding properly.

Checking for buildup in the solenoid screens should be your first action. If the screens are clean, check for oil accumulation in the electrical connector. If you find oil there, that’s an indication that the seal has deteriorated inside the solenoid.

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