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P0030, P2237 Kia

Diagnose and fix P0030, P2237 Kia

Kia has issued a service bulletin # ENG030 to fix a P0030, P2237 Kia problem. The bulletin applies to 2004-2006 Kia Spectra vehicles with trouble codes P0030, P0031 or P2237.

P0030 HO2S Heater – Heater Control Circuit (Bank 1 / Sensor 1)

P2237 HO2S Pumping Current Circuit/Open (Bank 1 / Sensor 1)

Cause of P0030, P2237 Kia

Kia has determined that the cause of the P0030, P2237 Kia problem is faulty terminals, not faulty oxygen sensors. Kia has a repair kit Part Number 91452 2F000FFF to fix the problem. The repair kit contains 4 oxygen sensor pigtails and terminals, 4 splice clips and heat shrinkable tubing.

Before starting the repair, confirm that the male oxygen sensor connector is fully engaged with the female oxygen sensor.

Next, check that the terminals are secure in the connector and have not been pushed back in to the connector. If the terminals are secure, check the resistance values on the terminal pins shown below.

P0030, P2237 Kia

Oxygen sensor terminal wiring diagram

Terminals 5 & 6 should be 2-4Ω

Terminals 4 & 1, 4 & 2, 4 & 3, 4 & 5, 4 & 6 are greater than 1MΩ

Terminals 1 & 2, 1 & 3, 1 & 4, 1 & 5, 1 & 6 are greater than 1MΩ

Terminals 2 & 3 are 100-4,500Ω

Terminals Sensor body & 1, Sensor body & 2, Sensor body & 3, Sensor body & 4, Sensor body & 5, Sensor body & 6 are greater than 1MΩ

If any of those readings are out of spec, replace the oxygen sensor itself. If they are in spec, proceed with the repair.

Remove the female oxygen sensor connector from the bracket

Remove the connector cover by lifting the catch tabs.

Peel the tape off the wiring harness about 3 to 4 inches

Remove the white plastic locking retainer from the connector

Remove the blue/orange wire and terminal and white wire and terminal using a terminal removal tool.

Splice in the replacement pigtails using the crimp connectors and heat shrinkable tubing.

Reassemble and reconnect

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