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P0101 Nissan

Diagnose and fix P0101 Nissan

A P0101 Nissan trouble code refers to the MAF Sensor Circuit Range Performance. Don’t automatically assume you should replace the MAF sensor because of this code. Read the description again; the code refers to the MAF Sensor Circuit Range Performance.

When the P0101 Nissan code sets

The ECM will set a P0101 trouble code if it detects a HIGH voltage from the MAF sensor when the engine is under light load OR the ECM detects a LOW voltage from the sensor when the engine is under heavy load.

What causes a P0101 trouble code on a Nissan

• Problem with the wiring harness or connector—the circuit is either open or shorted
• The engine has an intake air leak
• The MAF sensor is dirty or defective
• The intake air temperature sensor is defective
• The EVAP control system pressure sensor is defective
• Faulty ground is a common cause of P0101 Nissan

Diagnose the P0101 code

The engine must be at operating temperature and be driven for at lest 25-MPH for at least 5 seconds.

Check for a disconnected vacuum hose or air duct from the air filter box to the throttle body. Check for an intake manifold leak.

Check MAF voltage. MAF should read about 1-volt at idle and increase with RPM. Typical reading at 2500 RPM is 1.6-v to 2.4v. If reading is off, check for power and ground at MAF.

Nissan NTB12—51K service bulletin for P0101 Nissan trouble code

Nissan has issued service bulletin NTB12—51K to address a P0101 Nissan trouble code on the vehicles listed below. If you’ve conducted the tests shown above and everything checks out to spec, the vehicle runs fine but you still have the P0101 trouble code, Nissan has issued a software update to correct the problem. Make sure your vehicle is affected by this bulletin

Affected Nissan vehicles

2011-2012 Altima Coupe (L32)
2011-2012 Altima Sedan (L32)
2011-2012 cube® (Z12)
2011-2012 Frontier (D40) with VQ40DE engine only
2011-2012 Maxima (A35)
2012 NV Cargo Van (F80) with VQ40DE engine only
2011-2012 Pathfinder (R51) with VQ40DE engine only
2011-2012 Sentra (B16) with MR20DE engine only
2012 Versa Sedan (N17)
2011-2012 Xterra (N50)

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