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P0106 trouble code

Fix P0106 trouble code in MAP sensor

A P0106 trouble code (Barometric (BARO) Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance)

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor

is a generic code that indicates a circuit issue with the barometric Manifold absolute (MAP) pressure sensor. The MAP sensor reading is taken as soon as you turn the key to RUN but before STARTING the engine. That tells the PCM what the barometric pressure is before engine vacuum affects the reading.

What causes a P0104 circuit performance issue?

First, the PCM provides a 5-volt reference signal to the MAP sensor. If you get a P0106 Barometric (BARO) Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance, start by testing the 5-volt reference voltage at the MAP connector. Next, check the ground wire in the connector to determine if you’re getting full ground. If either of those readings are off, you have a connector, wiring harness, PCM reference voltage, or PCM ground issue. Fix that before replacing the MAP sensor.

• Slow responding BARO sensor
• Electrical circuit failure
• Damaged BARO sensor
• Damaged PCM

Check MAP sensor voltage

Backprobe the MAP sensor signal wire and measure voltage with the key in the RUN position. Compare the reading to the chart below or the specifications in your shop manual. A normal sensor reading should be 4.4 to 4.8 volts with the engine off. Then start the engine and check the reading again. If the reading is off spec while running, check the vacuum hoses running to the MAF sensor. Look for cracks or leaks.

P0106 trouble code

Map sensor circuit

map sensorReplacing a MAP sensor

If you have a P0106 Barometric (BARO) Pressure Sensor Circuit Performance and you’ve performed the tests above and the sensor doesn’t produce the expected results, replace the sensor as it is usually the cause of the code.

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