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P0106 P0171 Aveo

Fix code P0106 P0171 Chevrolet Aveo with 1.6L engine

GM has issued a technical service bulletin to address P0106 P0171 and a whistling problem in the 2009-11 Chevrolet Aveo with the 1.6L engine. In addition to the whistling noise, you’ll find the Check Engine light on and either of these trouble codes in memory: P0106 P0171. The problem is most likely caused by a ruptured diaphragm in the PCV valve. To make sure, start the engine and wait until it makes the whistling sound. Then remove the oil dipstick or the oil filler cap. If the noise stops, replace the PCV valve. Since the valve is built into the valve cover, you’ll have to replace the whole cover. Thanks GM

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