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P0116 Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Jeep Liberty Cherokee

Fix code P0116 Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Jeep Liberty Cherokee

Chrysler reports a P0116 Dodge Dakota 2004, Ram Truck, Jeep Liberty and Jeep Cherokee vehicles with the 3.7L engine. The check engine will light and the computer will set DTC P0116 (coolant sensor code). You may also see assorted misfire codes, other oxygen sensor codes, and other fuel system related codes. Also, Jeeps with manual transmissions may show a stumble or hesitation when you shift aggressively through the gears. If you have any of those issues in your Jeep or the vehicle has no driveability problems, don’t start replacing parts.

The computer glitch affects these vehicles:

Ram trucks built before 4/13/04
Dodge Dakota built before 4/20/04
Jeep Liberty and Cherokee built before 4/1/04

The only fix is to get a software update by dealer or a qualified independent repair shop.

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