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P0116 Honda

Fix code P0116 Honda

Honda has issued a service bulletin #06-048 to address a P0116 Honda code on the following vehicles: 2005-06 Accord, 2006 Civic, 2005-06 CRV, 2006 Element, 2005-06 Pilot, 2006 Ridgeline, and 2006 S2000.
The P0116 code ECT Sensor 1 Range/Performance Problem is set if the PCM doesn’t see an increase or a drop in coolant temperature of at least 3.6 degrees F. The problem can be a bad engine coolant temperature sensor. But if you’ve replaced that and the code sets again, the fix is a PCM reprogram.

Honda has updated its software to correct for improperly setting this code.
A PCM reprogram service is not free. Take your vehicle to a Honda dealer or an independent shop that’s that has reprogramming capabilities. The charge should be around $150.

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