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Fix a P0133 Dodge oxygen sensor code

Got a P0133 Dodge oxygen sensor code along with possible P0171 P0555 codes? The read this. It applies to 1999-2001 Dodge truck with the 4.7 engine and you find the following trouble codes: power steering pressure switch P0171 P0555

The scoop on trouble codes P0133 P0171 P0555

P0133 Oxygen sensor slow response,

P10171 fuel system lean, and

P0555 power steering switch failure,

Don’t jump to the conclusion that a P0133 Dodge oxygen sensor code automatically means you need a new oxygen sensor. In face, if you have all these codes, you may think you’re going crazy. None of those problems seem related. But they are.

A P0133 Dodge oxygen sensor code along with P0171 P0555 isn’t caused by a bad sensor

The root problem is with the power steering pressure switch. That switch is located in the power steering line to detect high pressure typically used in parking lot maneuvers. The PCM sees the high pressure input and boosts idle speed to generate more power steering pressure. But the power steering switch is known to leak power steering fluid past the diaphragm. If the switch leaks, the fluid can wick into the wiring harness, flow into the oxygen sensor and causes it to provide slow readings. That forces the system to run lean. The fix is to replace the power steering pressure sensor and clean the wiring harness of all power steering fluid. Use electrical contact cleaner for this job.

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