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P0139 Honda Civic

Honda has issued a service bulletin #07-019 to address a P0139 trouble code on the Honda Civic vehicles listed below

P0139 (secondary heated oxygen sensor [sensor 2] slow response) stored.

The service bulletin states: The ECM/PCM misinterprets the secondary heated oxygen sensor output and sets DTC P0139.

The bulletin pertains to these vehicles:

2004 Civic 2-Door LX, DX, and DX-VP:

From VIN 1HGEM2…4L077788 thru 1HGEM2…4L085747

2004 Civic 4-Door LX, DX, and DX-VP:

From VIN 2HGES1…4H625979 thru 2HGES1…4H645155

From VIN 1HGES1…4L025424 thru 1HGES1…4L025783


2005 Civic 2/4-Door LX, LX-SE, DX, and DX-VP: ALL

Fix for P0139 Honda Civic

Honda has issued a software update to fix the problem. Do NOT replace the oxygen sensor until you have completed the software update.


P0135, oxygen sensorHonda may be offering goodwill programming after the warranty period. Check with the service manager and refer to bulletin #07-019 dated March 9, 2007.

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