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P0141 Oxygen sensor Chrysler products

Fix code P0141 Oxygen sensor Chrysler products

P0141, 02 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction, Bank 1 Sensor 2, Dodge Grand Caravan and Plymouth Voyager van.

This trouble code indicates that the computer has detected a problem with the heater in the oxygen sensor located after the catalytic converter. Before you replace the sensor, check for battery voltage on the dark green/orange wire after placing a jumper wire between terminals 30 and 87 in the auto shutdown relay socket. Power for the downstream sensor comes from the auto shutdown relay. If you get battery voltage on that wire at the sensor, that’s great, but it doesn’t automatically mean you’ve got a bad sensor. You may have corrosion that reduces current flow. Experts suggest connecting a headlight to that wire and ground to ensure you’re getting proper current flow.

If you’re not getting any voltage or you’re getting voltage but low current, check the connector located under the air cleaner. This E43 connector is a wiring junction that splits current to both the upstream and downstream connector. Shops report corrosion and wire breakage at this connector.

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