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P0171 trouble code Kia

Fix for P0171 trouble code Kia

How to diagnose and fix a P0171 trouble code Kia

A P0171 trouble code Kia is defined as P0171 – System too Lean (Bank 1). In many cases, especially on a Kia that can be the sign of a bad MAF sensor.

Check air duct before replacing MAF sensor

BUT, on a Kia, before you run to the auto parts store to buy a new MAF sensor,

Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass Airflow Sensor

check the air duct that runs from the air filter box to the throttle body.

P0171 Kia

Air duct that runs from the air filter box to the throttle body

This duct is made from a woven fabric that can degrade and separate. Once that happens the fabric restricts airflow and the computer can set the following trouble codes


The air duct must be replaced if it’s disintegrating. Do not try to repair it. Get a new one from the dealer.

What causes the P0171 trouble code on a Kia?

If there’s a leak in the air duct hose, unmetered air will get sucked into the engine, causing this P0171 lean code. The computer will try to compensate for the lean condition, but when it can’t it’ll set this code. Check for all possible sources of unmetered air getting past the MAF sensor before you replace it.

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