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P0335 stalling Chevrolet Tahoe

Fix P0335 stalling Chevrolet Tahoe

Shops are reporting an increase in P0335 stalling Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L engine complaints caused by a wiring harness issue. The intermittent symptoms appear as tachometer stops working and goes to 0, the engine runs poorly, and then stalls. The engine may start right back up and run fine for days until the symptoms reoccur. Trouble code P0335 is defined as Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction.

Do not repeat the most common DIY mistake by automatically replacing the crankshaft position sensor. The trouble DOESN’T say the sensor is bad, it says there’s a circuit malfunction. So concentrate on that.

Cause of P0335 stalling Chevrolet Tahoe

In this case, shops are finding wiring harness chaffing where the harness wraps around the power steering fluid reservoir. The wiring harness wraps around the front of the engine and then runs up near the power steering pump. This is where the damage often occurs.

Inspect the wiring harness for signs of chafing

If you find a rub-through, open the harness and check for a broken/open/intermittent wire. Splice in a new section and then securely wrap and secure the harness away from the rub-though point. Then clear the code

Check the connection at the crankshaft position sensor

After fixing the wiring harness, remove the crankshaft crankshaft positon sensorposition sensor connector and check for signs of corrosion or chaffed wires. If the P0335 code reappears, grab a wiring diagram and check each wire for problem voltage and signal. If you see the correct values, replace the sensor with an OEM part. Aftermarket crankshaft position sensors are known high rate failure items. Don’t waste your money on an aftermarket part

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