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P0340 Jeep

How to fix a P0340 Jeep trouble code?

A P0340 Jeep is a Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction. That would lead you to believe that you’ve got a wiring problem to the camshaft position sensor. It may be a wiring problem. However, if you’ve recently replace the camshaft position sensor, chances are you botched up the air gap adjustment.

If you installed a genuine Jeep sensor, it should have come camshaft position sensor to fix P0340 Jeepwith a green cardboard spacer on the tip of the sensor. If you bought an aftermarket sensor, it may not have the spacer. You can buy the spacer from a dealer. The camshaft position sensor is adjustable and if it’s not gapped properly, the PCM will see erratic camshaft signals, making it think you have a wiring/circuit malfunction and set a P0340 Jeep trouble code.

To install the sensor correctly, leave the cardboard spacer on the tip of the sensor and butt it up to the cam reluctor. Then tighten down the mounting screws. Once the engine starts, it will wipe off the cardboard spacer and the gap will be set correctly. Clear the P0340 Jeep trouble code and you’ll be in business.

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