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P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 – Ford

Fix trouble codes P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 on Ford

If you encounter any of these codes P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 – Ford, this may be the fix for you. Ford has issued a TSB (#06-13-9) for 2005-06 Expeditions and Navigator vehicles. The fix involves updating the PCM software. The symptoms are as follows: Hard starting requiring multiple restart attempts after the vehicle has been driven and shut down (hot soak). The “check engine” light is on and any or all of the above codes are stored in the PCM. You may also notice a reduction in power between 3500 and 4500 RPM during wide open throttle. This symptom may actually feel like the transmission is slipping. The Expedition model may also exhibit a higher than normal idle speed on a cold start. Update the PCM software with release B43.4 or later. The flash update is covered under under the new vehicle warranty if the vehicle is still under warranty.


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