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P0341 Honda

Fix code P0341 Honda

Shops are reporting that a sticking Variable Timing Control (VTC) solenoid may be the cause of trouble codes P0341, P0301 and P0304 Honda vehicles with the 2.4L engine. To check the solenoid, first remove it from the timing cover. Then apply power and ground to it to see if it moves freely. If it does, then remove the valve cover and check the timing chain to see if it might have jumped a tooth. Also, make sure the VTC gear isn’t stuck in the advanced position

Other causes of HondsP0341

P0341: Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor and Crankshaft Position (CKP)
Sensor Incorrect Phase Detected

A damaged or stretched timing chain can be caused from infrequent oil changes. Old neglected oil causes the timing chain to wear quickly and stretch beyond the capacity of the chain tensioner’s ability to take up the slack.

That extra chain slack causes the valve timing control (VTC) actuator and the exhaust camshaft sprocket to lag behind, resulting in a P0341.

Check for a damaged or stretched timing chain

The easiest way to check for a stretched timing chain is to measure the autotensioner rod length. If it’s more than 13.5 mm, you’ve got a worn/stretched timing chain and it need replacing.

1) Remove valve cover to expose the camshaft sprocket
2) Rotate the crankshaft clockwise to set #1 piston to top dead center
The camshafts should align as shown below

Honda camshaft sprocket
3) Next measure the tensioner rod length between the tensioner body and the bottom of the flat surface section of the tensioner rod. The maximum length is 13.5mm or 0.53″. If the rod is longer, the chain has stretched and must be replaced

honda tiiming chain tensioner rod


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