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P0401 EGR Code Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Town and Country

Fix code P0401 EGR Code on Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Town and Country 3.3L and 3.8L

Shops are reporting consistent P0401 EGR Codes on 1996-2001 Chrysler minivans. These EGR valves are vacuum operated and the valve operation is measured by a pressure transducer. To check the EGR, start the engine and apply vacuum to the EGR valve. The valve should open, allowing exhaust to flow into the intake manifold. That should make the engine run rough or stall completely. If it does that, then the EGR valve itself is working. Next, unplug the EGR backpressure transducer. Start the engine and restrict the tailpipe. Once again, the engine should run rough and stall. If it doesn’t, replace the backpressure transducer.

Get a new EGR valve for these vehicles

Standard Motor Parts #EGV596

Chrysler Town & Country (00-96)
Chrysler Voyager / Grand Voyager (00)
Dodge Light Truck Caravan / Grand Caravan (00-96)
Plymouth Voyager / Grand Voyager (00-96)

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