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P0401 P1408 — Ford

Fix trouble codes P0401  P1408 on a Ford vehicle

Fords with P0401,  P1408 trouble code are known for problems with their DPFE sensors. These sensors detect the change in manifold vacuum pressure when the EGR is commanded on and off and display P0401,  P1408 trouble codes. If you get an EGR code, DO NOT automatically assume that it’s a bad EGR valve! Get a hand held vacuum pump and apply vacuum to the EGR. Check the operation of the valve. It if moves properly and the passages are clean, move on to checking the DPFE sensor. Use the same hand held vacuum pump to apply pressure to the sensor. Check for a change in voltage as you do this. If the voltages are within spec, move on to clear up this very common blockage.

Remove the throttle body and gasket. Behind the gasket you will find a half moon shaped passage with 3 openings into the intake manifold. Most likely you will discover that the passages are clogged with carbon buildup. Clean out the passages with a small pick and some throttle body cleaner. Then, install a new gasket and the throttle body. Your problem should be gone.

This problem is common on the 2.5, 3.0 Duratec, and the 4.6 liter engines.


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