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P0455, P0456 Acura

How to fix trouble codes P0455, P0456 Acura

Acura has issued a service bulletin 14-006 to address trouble codes P0455, P0456 Acura. The bulletin applies to the vehicles listed below with the listed VIN ranges. In these vehicle the Check Engine light may come on and the ECM stores trouble codes P0455, P0456.

P0455 (EVAP system large leak)

P0456 (EVAP system very small leak detected)

In addition, the gas cap may be loose or stick/slip when you try to tighten it. Acura has determined that the gas cap gasket is creating too much friction and prevents the cap from sealing properly. Acura has issued revised gas caps for these vehicles. See the parts list below. The old gas cap has a black gasket, while the new cap has a brown gasket. If the gasket on your vehicle is brown, it has already been updated and the problem is not related to the gas cap.


Year     Model   Trim     VIN Range

2013     ILX       2.0l       19VDE1…DE000001 – 19VDE1…DE019655

2013     ILX       2.4l       19VDE2…DE000001 – 19VDE2…DE001370

2013     ILX       Hybrid 19VDE3…DE300001 – 19VDE3…DE302059

2012     MDX     ALL      ALL

2013     MDX     ALL      2HNYD2…DH500001 – 2HNYD2…DH509263

2012     RDX     ALL      ALL

2013     RDX     2WD     5J8TB3…DL008083 – 5J8TB3…DL008083

2013     RDX     AWD    5J8TB4…DL000001 – 5J8TB4…DL004910

2012     TL        ALL      ALL

2013     TL        2WD     19UUA8…DA000001 – 19UUA8…DA000686

2013     TL        SH-AWD 19UUA9…DA000001 – 19UUA9…DA000191

2011-12 TSX    ALL      ALL

2013     TSX     L4, 4-door JH4CU2…DC000001 – JH4CU2…DC002803

2013     TSX     V6        JH4CU4…DC000001 – JH4CU4…DC000027

2013     TSX     Sport Wagon JH4CW2…DC000001 – JH4CW2…DC000004

2012     ZDX     ALL      ALL

2013     ZDX     ALL      2HNYB1…DH500001 – 2HNYB1…DH500023

Replacement Gas Caps with new design

Fuel Fill Cap: ZDX 17670-SZN-A01 1acura gas cap 17670-SZN-A01

Fuel Fill Cap: ILX, MDX, RDX, TL, TSX (ALL)
Acuara gas cap 17670-TR0-A11

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