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P0480 Cobalt Fix

Fix code P0480 on Cobalt

This vehicle has a 2-speed cooling fan. If you run into the P0480 code and find that the fan will only run on the highest speed, start by checking for a blown cooling fan fuse #1 in the underhood fuse block. If that’s ok, swap cooling fan relay #1 with the high speed cooling fan relay #2. Both relays have the same part number.

Rest the PCM to clear the trouble code and drive the vehicle. If the low speed relay is bad, the swap will result in a new code, P0481. That will confirm that the relay is bad. Replace the low speed relay.

However, if the P0480 returns with the relays in their swapped positions, check the wiring harness for an open condition. Check the continuity of the dark green wire from the #1 cooling fan relay to the PCM, pin #47

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