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P0500 Ford F150 U1262

Fix code P0500 Ford F150 U1262

If you have a Ford F-150 with the 5.4L engine and have a P0500 Ford F150 U1262, flashing ABS light and a speedometer that stops working intermittently, or a temperature gauge that goes to HOT intermittently, read this article.

Ford has had significant problems with its ignition coils. Occasionally a coil can fail in such a way that it generates a large voltage spike that confuse the computer. That can set off all kinds of weird behavior. If you have the vehicle scanned, chances are you will NOT find any misfire codes, nor will you find any ABS codes. The P0500 code is for loss of vehicle speed sensor input and a U1262 coded indicates a loss of communication between the Hybrid Electronic Cluster and PCM.

Since no misfires codes come up in the OBDII scan, you’ll need a high end scanner capable of reading the raw (uninterpreted) data known as Mode $06. That mode stores raw misfire data and analyzes it until it meets the parameters to set a trouble code. Viewing Mode $06 is the only way to detect which coil is misfiring and spiking. Or, you can start replacing coils until you find the culprit. Just don’t start replacing ABS components or instrument clusters.

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