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P0505, P0506, Idle fluctuation Ford

Idle fluctuates on Ford and trouble codes P0505 or P0506

Ford has issued a service bulletin #12-7-4 to address a P0505, P0506, Idle fluctuation problem on the vehicles listed below. The problem may exhibit P0505, P0506, with or without idle fluctuation and hard starts. In addition, the vehicles may also have P2111 and P2112 codes stored after the keep alive memory has been cleared, battery has been disconnected, or the vehicle had a dead battery.

Ford has determined that the problem is caused by carbon buildup in the electronic throttle body

The service bulletin applies to these vehicles:
2005-2008 Crown Victoria
2005-2009 Mustang
2004-2006 F-150
2004-2007 Explorer, F-Super Duty
2005-2006 E-Series
2006 F-53 Motorhome Chassis
2007 Explorer Sport Trac

2005-2008 Town Car
2006 Mark LT

2005-2008 Grand Marquis
2004-2007 Mountaineer

The REPAIR involves updating the PCM with the latest calibration and cleaning the electronic throttle body. To clean the throttle body, follow these steps:

1) Remove the throttle body from the intake manifold
2) Use Motorcraft Choke and Linkage Cleaner (PM-14) to spray the throttle body plate and bore.Motorcraft PM-14 choke and linkage cleaner
3) Use a soft clean solvent resistant brush to clean the edges of the throttle plate and throttle bore to remove carbon deposits.

clean electronic throttle body with swab

Clean throttle plate

NOTE: Do NOT spray the cleaner directly into the throttle plate pivot shaft. The cleaner can enter the motor area and cause damage.
4) Wipe clean and reinstall the throttle body

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