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P0522 Oil light on – Caravan, Town and Country

Oil light on and trouble code P0522 Caravan, Town and Country

If you own a Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country van and have a P0522 Oil light on, this may be the fix for you. Owners of 2006 Caravans and Town & Country vans may see the oil pressure light on. They may also find a P0522 code stored in the PCM. The condition is most likely the result of a poor ground between the oil pressure sender and the coated bolts in the oil filter adapter. The coating on the bolts interferes with proper grounding. First check for the color of the bolts holding the adapter in place. You’re most interested in the bolt in the upper left hand corner of the adapter. The replacement bolts is grey in color. If the bolt in your vehicle is not grey, replace it with part number 06101793. If the bolt is grey, then perform an oil pressure by connecting an oil pressure gauge. If the pressure checks out and the bolt is the new grey color, replace the sensor


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