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P0551 Dodge trucks

Fix code P0551 Dodge trucks

If you own an early 2000 Dodge Dakota, Durango, or Ram and have a check engine light and trouble code P0551, head right for the power steering pressure switch located in the high pressure power steering hose. This sensor has a high failure rate. Worse than the fact that it leaks, the diaphragm inside may actually tear and force full pressure power steering fluid up through the wiring harness and down into the oxygen sensor wires. That can cause a P0171 lean condition. When the two codes happen at the same time, you may not make the association. But they are usually related. The only fix is the replace the switch and clean the wiring harness. Since the fluid has most likely seeped between the insulation and the copper wire on the oxygen sensor ground, it’s best to cut the black ground wire and splice in a new ground.

However, if you don’t find leaking fluid, the sensor may actually be telling the truth, in which case you may have a power steering pump problem. Since most of you guys won’t have a high pressure gauge to test line pressure, I recommend replacing the sensor as a first step since its far less costly than a pump. If the new sensor still trips the P0551 code, check out the pump and the fluid reservoir to make sure the pump is getting a full supply of fluid


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